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Experts in intellectual property will support you in everything from patent
research ahead of making a patent application to managing intellectual property.


Pasona Knowledge Partner leads the innovation of
IP activities by Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)
services utilizing expert KNOWLEDGE.

Challenges Today’s In-House IP Teams Face

With the advancement of technology, inventions are increasingly diverse and complex.
Today, business is more are more globalized, it is becoming common to conduct IP prosecution not only domestically but in foreign jurisdictions in mind.
As IP, the assets and weapons of a company, are the source of its competitiveness, it is also necessary to build up IP activities in line with the company’s business strategies.
We believe it will become a challenge for companies in planning future IP activities to secure expertise to be able to cope with such IP environment, which is progressing year by year.

Our Expert KNOWLEDGE Provides the Solution

As intellectual properties are directly linked to competitive new technologies, companies have traditionally been relying on their in-house IP resources.
However, to provide more sophisticated IP performance to meet the market requirements going forward, it is important not to be confined by in-house resources alone and to take advantage of outside expertise.
Using a variety of specialized skills, Pasona Knowledge Partner provides solutions to challenges that our clients face, and help them bring innovation in their IP activities.

《How Our Expert KNOWLEDGE May Be Used》

  • 〇Provide IP consulting service to help plan IP strategies
  • 〇Share know-how in IP prosecution and utilization of rights in foreign jurisdictions
  • 〇Help implement enterprise IP systems for efficient management and analysis
  • 〇Provide comprehensive support for IP matters by trust arrangements

> Strengths and Services

As a first step, contact Pasona Knowledge Partner for consultation.

To begin with, choosing specific areas to tackle to improve efficiency may be difficult. We offer IP Activity Diagnosis for clients having this problem.
We diagnose each client’s IP activities, and based on the result, we offer comprehensive solutions, including suggestions for improvement and actual services to implement them in the client’s own environment.

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