PASONA Knowledge Partner


Experts in intellectual property will support
you in everything from patent
research ahead
of making a patent application to managing
intellectual property.


Our company was established to allow us,
as specialists in Intellectual Property,to provide a total solution to our customers.
Harnessing the synergy from a fusion of the “Pasona BPO Service” with “Panasonic IP
Management Specialist Expertise, ” we provide a KPO service that will support the increased
efficiency and development of your intellectual property operations.

※BPO: Business Process Outsourcing
※KPO: Knowledge Process Outsourcing

We provide an optimum service covering patent research and application, and operation of patents.

Many staff members with qualifications related to intellectual property and with experience in a variety of technical fields

Abundant know-how from our past record of managing over 100,000 intellectual property cases

※As of March 2018, according to our research

We make full use of our consulting skills to increase value for our customers

We help your intellectual property activities

Staff who have worked for many years in areas related to intellectual property support customers in all their intellectual property activities, from patent research and application to patent operation, based on their rich experience in the field.

> Our Strengths

Working to Make “Assets” Valuable

Acquiring a patent is not the Goal, it is only the Start.
In order to turn the acquired patent into an Asset with value, the cycle from the pre-application Examination to Review of the portfolio of assets is important.
At our company, staff with abundant experience in intellectual property business will support the Nurturing of Valuable Assets.

Technical Examination

The appropriate positioning for patent acquisition is investigated, based on Technical Trends Surveys and Patent Maps, and on which invention a patent should be applied for is considered.

Patent Application

The category and scope of the application are examined based on Clearance Studies and Technical Literature Reviews. The appropriate country or region for application is decided upon, and necessary application procedures are carried out.

Procedures for Acquisition of Rights

Procedures up to acquisition of rights are managed appropriately. In order to ensure efficient operation of patents, intellectual property management, such as Establishing a Structure for Patent Operations and Human Resources Training, is carried out.

Utilization and Inventory of Intellectual Property

Along with utilizing the patent right, inventories of the patent portfolio such as Review of Intellectual Property Portfolio and Transfer or Sale of Rights are carried out based on Assessments of Rights.


In line with the operation cycle, our company offers Research Services for the various types of research
needed for technical evaluation and patent application, along with Management Services to support
the operation of, and establishment of an organizational structure for, intellectual property.
Our experienced staff will solve any difficulties you have regarding intellectual property.

Patent Research Services


Our experienced staff will make full use of their research skills to provide truly valuable research results, from Prior Art Searches to information related to technological trends in the industry, patent infringement, etc.

Intellectual Property Management Services


We can support many aspects of business related to the operation of intellectual property, from the outsourcing of administrative procedures that accompany the management of intellectual property to establishing an organizational structure for patent operation and human resources training.