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The strengths of our company that have allowed us to
realize KPO services for
patent research and intellectual
property management in the field of intellectual property

Pasona Knowledge Partner’s
Specialized KNOWLEDGE

Pasona Knowledge Partner’s Specialized KNOWLEDGE

Pasona Knowledge Partner has built a variety of expertise through its past business practices.
With Pasona Group’s business support capability at its core, our coverage is broad because of our professionals with specialized knowledge in various technical fields, higher qualifications, and corporate in-house experiences, which together help clients drive projects, solve issues, and perform IP practice in a global perspective.
Utilizing the accumulated expert KNOWLEDGE, we support our clients in innovating their IP activities.

Pasona Knowledge Partner’s Services

Pasona Knowledge Partner’s expert KNOWLEDGE covers the whole range of IP processes.
In addition to patent searches and IP management in general, we provide a variety of services to help IP related tasks, such as monitoring IP activities to match clients’ business strategies, establishing rules and processes for IP management, implementing and supporting systems for business efficiency, and helping assess and analyze IP assets. Our highly skilled staff with abundant know-how can help overcome challenges that our clients face.

Consulting Services to Spot Important Issues

To improve and advance IP management, proper recognition of existing problems is essential.
Pasona Knowledge Partner diagnoses clients’ IP activities by utilizing its unique consulting capabilities of our highly skilled staff. Problems are often hard to self-identify. We utilize our expertise to spot and point out existing issues that are not evident to in-house teams and help streamline our clients’ IP activities.
We provide consulting services aiming at fundamentally innovating our clients’ future IP activities.

consulting flow

We conduct interviews to recognize the current workflow of clients’ IP activities. We spot existing problems, then design and build optimum workflow. We also make suggestions for efficient IP activities, such as sorting out tasks into those to be handled by clients themselves and those that are better to be outsourced.

KPO Solution

Outside of Japan, Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) is more commonly utilized. Unlike BPO where only routine work is outsourced, KPO provides services that require business judgment, such as collecting, processing, and analyzing data, and making suggestions.
Our business model is one type of KPO that is focused on IP activities. Pasona Knowledge Partner provides solutions by KPO for challenges our clients must overcome in the IP field, such as more demanding IP assessments and analyses, areas requiring imminent reform, innovation needs, and proactive IP strategy planning.

●KPO Services

Patent Search Service

Patent Search Service

We search for requested information by KPO, ranging from data collection and analysis for entry into new business fields to overseas risk assessment.

IP Management Service

IP Management Service

We provide high quality services to improve clients’ business from an operational viewpoint. We provide solutions by KPO for challenges our clients must overcome.

ANAQUA Implementation Support Service

ANAQUA Implementation Support Service

We support clients by KPO , such as solving implementation challenges, stabilizing the system after implementation, making operational suggestions, designing workflow, and assisting business improvement.

IP Trust Service

IP Trust Service
(Pasona Intellectual Property Trust Inc.)

We manage and operate clients’ valuable IP rights by the trust scheme , from application to use of rights.

As a first step, contact Pasona Knowledge Partner for consultation.

To begin with, choosing specific areas to tackle to improve efficiency may be difficult. We offer IP Activity Diagnosis for clients having this problem.
We diagnose each client’s IP activities, and based on the result, we offer comprehensive solutions, including suggestions for improvement and actual services to implement them in the client’s own environment.

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