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Through the vitalization of the field of
intellectual property,
Pasona Knowledge Partner contributes to job creation and economic development.

Business Concept

Based on the Pasona Group’s Research Quality as a Research Organization Registered with the Japan Patent Firm, and on Panasonic IP Management’s Intellectual Property Management Know-How, we provide a total solutions service as a KPO services provider specializing in the field of intellectual property. Our operations lead to the creation of new fields to operate in and new categories of jobs. By strengthening companies’ intellectual property affairs departments and increasing their international competitiveness, we contribute to the vitalization of Japan’s economy through intellectual property.

Pasona Group and Intellectual Property Business

Based on the Pasona Group’s corporate philosophy of providing “Solutions to Society’s Problems,” we believe that making proper use of people is the most important mission. This belief does not change, even in the field of intellectual property. Starting from the utilization of Masters, that is middle-aged and older technicians as well as researchers who have a high level of specialization, and adding human resources with knowledge in intellectual property in various technical fields, we can offer solutions to a wide range of needs.