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Mobilizing our Know-How to Provide KPO Services of Value

The strengths of our company that have allowed us to
realize KPO services for
patent research and intellectual
property management in the field of intellectual property

The Pasona Group: not only delivering advanced patent research as a Research Organization Registered with the Japan Patent Firm but also offering a range of BPO services. Panasonic IP Management: offering Product Development Support and Intellectual Property Management and Operation. By fusing these two sets of know-how, we can offer KPO services that exceed customers’ expectations.

What is the Difference between BPO and KPO?

KPO is an abbreviation of Knowledge Process Outsourcing. Whereas BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) is centered around the outsourcing of simple work, KPO involves the outsourcing of data collection, processing, analysis and making proposals and other tasks that are complex and intellectual in nature. In the field of intellectual property, we aim to propose solutions that are in line with customers’ needs, through advanced research, analysis, proposing intellectual property strategies and then implementing them.

The Three Strengths we Provide to our Customers

Many staff members with qualifications related to intellectual property and with experience in a variety of technical fields

We have many staff with qualifications awarded by external organizations including the National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT), which is a prerequisite for receiving commissions for business related to the Japan Patent Firm. We also have many staff who have built up real world experience in the technology field including in research and development and making designs for mass production. They are knowledgeable in a wide range of technical fields.
We provide a valuable service through first seeking to understand the exact technology our customers hold, based on our abundant experience, and then making a close examination of it from the perspective of an examiner at the Japan Patent Firm.

Abundant know-how from our past record of managing over 100,000 intellectual property cases

※As of March 2018, according to our research

Within the Panasonic Group, there are as many as 100,000 patents, which demonstrates our significant track record in the management and operation of intellectual property. Through business activities in this field, we have an abundance of know-how learned in the real world, enabling us to do such things as improve business efficiency through systemization and use of appropriate tools, and establish the required organizational structures through the setting up of various systems, operations flows, etc.
In addition, regarding patent applications in the USA, China and other countries, we take advantage of the close relationship we have with local patent firms to develop a clear understanding of the patent laws and procedures in foreign countries, and of the most recent trends in these countries. In this way, we have established a structure that will reassure customers when they wish to acquire a patent overseas.

We make full use of our consulting skills to increase value for our customers

Our mission is to provide effective support for our customers through extracting the most value out of each patent to increase their corporate value.
We will propose the most appropriate analytical methods and research plan for your patent application, based on a full understanding of the technology held, and also taking into account product development and sales. As for the management of intellectual property, we will make proposals, such as setting up organizational structures to improve operations and make them more efficient, based on our know-how, experience and knowledge. In this way, we can provide consultancy services tailored to meet the needs of individual customers.

Please Leave Everything to do with Intellectual Property to us

There are some things that only our company can suggest, due to the level of hands-on know-how we have developed in the fields of human resource solutions related to intellectual property, the development of new products and technologies. As a group of experts in intellectual property, we will provide services to meet all your needs.

The Intellectual Property Services We Provide

Through our Strengths in Human Resources and High Level of Experience, we can provide two services that are useful in the front line of intellectual property work.

Patent Research Services


Having built up a significant level of research experience we are able to offer both a range of research services, and also a menu of consulting services that allows us to be flexible in looking for solutions to problems. Through these services, we are able to solve issues that are troubling your company.

Intellectual Property Management Services


Using the know-how built up over many years of operating in the field of intellectual property, we can support your company’s intellectual property operations business by such means as making operations more efficient and early stage risk management.

Contact us Here for Requests or Consultation

We can offer support that only our company is able to provide thanks to our abundant human resources, wide network and knowledge of the front line of intellectual property. If you have any worries about intellectual property, please get in contact with Pasona Knowledge Partner.

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